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SAT 03 SEP 2016

FAP Seniors vs Tuks
Laudium, 3:30pm

SUN 04 SEP 2016

LFA Seniors vs Ldm Sundowns
LFA Gnd 1, 3:30pm


SUN 04 SEP 2016 

U17 vs Juiceburn,
Laudium Stadium, 09:00am
U15 vs Young Eagles,
LFA Gnd 3, 09:00am
U13 vs Young Eagles,
LFA Gnd 2, 09:00am
U11 vs Ldm FC Aces
LFA Gnd 4, 09:00am
U10 vs Ldm FC Stallions
LFA Gnd 4, 09:00am
U8A, B, C, D
LFA Gnd 4, Games starts 09:00am
U6A, B, C
LFA Gnd 4, Games starts, 09:30am






SAT 20 AUG 2016

FAP Seniors vs Maritimo
Lost 2 – 1, Scorers: Austin

SUN 21 AUG 2016

LFA Seniors vs vikings TUT
Lost 2 – 0, Scorers: N/A


MoM / PoM: Man/Player of Match

SUN 21 AUG 2015

U17 vs Lora Bokamoso
Lost 2 – 0, Scorer/s: N/A, MoM: N/A
U15 vs Birds
Won 2 – 1, Scorer/s: Shaobi x 2, MoM: N/A
U13 vs Birds
No results, Scorer/s: N/A, MoM: N/A
U11 vs Ldm FC Stars
Draw 2 – 2, Scorer/s: N/A, MoM: N/A
U10 vs Ldm FC Pros
Lost 1 – 0, Scorer/s: N/A, MoM: N/A
U8 A vs ??
Won 3 – 0, Scorer/s: N/A, MoM: N/A
U8 B vs ??
Won 1 – 0, Scorer/s: N/A, MoM: N/A
U8 C vs ??
Won 4 – 0, Scorer/s: N/A, MoM: N/A
U8 D vs ??
Won 2 – 0, Scorer/s: N/A, MoM: N/A
U6 A vs ??
Won 1 – 0, Scorer/s: N/A, MoM: N/A
U6 B vs ??
Won 3 – 0, Scorer/s: N/A, MoM: N/A
U6 C vs ??
No result, Scorer/s: N/A, MoM: N/A

Snippets from Delfos History

1946: The Founding of the Club

Football has always been an important part of our life and our heritage. As part of the community of the old Marabastad, Laudium and the broader South Africa, soccer has represented a fundamental aspect of our society that has enabled us to engage together and to build an enthu­siasm for sport, non‑racialism, unity and importantly participation.

Over the years Delfos Football Club has come not only to portray this mosaic of sport, but to actively work to engrain it in our principles, organisation and our overall participation in the broader context of the game and soci­ety.

This heritage has been instrumental in the formation of Delfos Football Club and …


Young Eagles celebrates 50 years…

On behalf of the Executive and members of the Delfos Football Club we extend our heartiest congratulations to Young Eagles FC on the occasion of their 50th Anniversary.

Young Eagles FC celebrate their 50th anniversary, a milestone for any club in Laudium. To mark the occasion Eagles will be hosting an over 35 tournament.

Take a look at our latest blog which provides some pictures of the the club through the years as we dug into our archives for pictures of Young Eagles FC.


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